We offer unique, customized services based on the needs of our clients.  Our services range from an exclusive relationship with our client, wherein we act as an extension of the client’s internal team, to a more traditional contingency approach.  Regardless of the type of search, we will always take a measured and informed approach to ensuring the right hire is made per a model that works best for each situation.

Some factors that go into evaluating the type of search:

Level of exclusivity desired
Seniority level of the role
Skill-set for the role
Level of urgency regarding time-to-fill
Number of positions

Exclusive Search

This approach involves exclusivity on the search where our services have been retained by the client.

Contained Search

A hybrid of an exclusive search and a traditional contingency search.

Contingency Search

This approach often involves recruiting for multiple positions concurrently. Payment only upon placement of a candidate.

Fee Based Consultation

Employ our services on an hourly basis or monthly flat fee.