technology_company_employmentWe’re passionate about building mutually beneficial, long term relationships between employees and employers, and understand great businesses are built with great talent. Finding the right talent for companies experiencing accelerated growth is what we get excited about, and this excitement readily translates to all parties involved in the search.

Our approach is to have highly personalized and informed interactions with everyone we’re in contact with during the hiring process. Having a deep understanding of all pieces of a search allows us to consistently deliver great talent for our clients, especially those with a high sense of urgency. We see this as the core of our business.

Establishing long term relationships with both clients and candidates is the foundation of our company and success.  Our team strives to exceed the expectations of our clients in delivering not only the best technical fit, but also the cultural fit that will allow the candidate to achieve both personal and professional success.


A professional approach to us means that we strive to exceed expectations, we don’t make promises we can’t keep and we don’t waste anyone’s time. Above all, we focus on ensuring a mutually successful experience with all our clients and candidates.


We strongly believe in an honest work ethic, one that allows us to ensure we deliver on our commitments. This translates into everything we do. Our clients value this level of trust and quality of service.


Our team is experienced and knows the industry well, and prides itself on having a deep understanding of our client’s business and culture. We consider ourselves an extension of our client organization, enabling us to translate what is exciting about the client’s vision and goals to equally inspired and qualified talent.


The foundation of our business is our relationships with clients, both companies and candidates. We have success because our clients appreciate our professional and passionate approach, and trust in the work we do. Facilitating these relationships truly makes us happy.


  • “I had the pleasure of working with Scott for over 6 yrs at during a time of hyper growth for the company. Scott is a fantastic recruiter who always strives for results. He also is very strong technically and lead the build out of our ATS on the platform. Scott is reliable, honest, smart and works extremely hard.”

    Mike Euglow Head of Global Talent Acquisition at DocuSign (former SVP, Global Recruiting at

  • “Scott is a powerful combination of experiences as a full-life cycle recruiter with great business acumen and as a recruiting technology manager who understands and knows how to deliver global recruiting process and technology solutions across the entire human capital spectrum that focus not just on recruiter efficiencies but also recruiter effectiveness. His work ethic and passion for innovation and recruiting technology make him a very rare individual.”

    Scotty Morrison Head of Global Talent Sourcing at Workday (former Director of Global Recruiting Programs & Technologies,

  • “Scott worked for me in the worldwide recruiting department at during a time of high growth for the company and when strong talent was hard to find. He is oustanding at sourcing and recruiting technical talent. Prior to, Scott was a vendor that I relied heavily on to help staff our division at Oracle. He consistently performs, understands how to recruit top talent and has a deep understanding of technology.”

    Nancy Connery Founder, Connery Consulting, LLC (former Vice President, Human Resources,

  • “When I first worked with Scott at salesforce he was the lead for all of services recruiting. He did a phenomenal job of partnering with his internal clients and of sourcing top tier talent. He was also great at helping us newbies get up to speed.

    Scott later took on the role of Manager of Recruiting Ops. In this role Scott drove massive change and improvement to the recruiting app at SFDC. He looped us recruiters in when appropriate so we always felt we had a voice in where the product was headed. He was receptive to input and feedback. I should know because I was his most vocal customer. The improvements he drove in the recruiting app helped us report better, manage candidates better, improved visibility into recruiting activity and pipeline, and in general helped us do our jobs more effectively. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott and I’d welcome the opportunity to do it again.”

    Mike Leary VP, Talent at Zenefits (former Manager, Enterprise Sales and Executive Sales Recruiting,

  • “As a team member of the SFDC recruiting team, I appreciated Scott’s attention to detail and his ability to bridge disparate teams to help insure success creating a business application for ATS that was important reason for the group’s success. As our business partner he quickly addressed support and business issues helping further create a ATS which added to our competitive advantage. His results-oriented attitude was definitely appreciated and would positively impact on high-tech sales organizations in today’s competitive business world. He is somebody I could work for or with anytime. And finally he is someone you can trust!”

    Susan Ross Senior Director of Recruiting - NOAM at DocuSign (former Recruiting Manager- Corporate Sales East, Salesforce)

  • “Scott is a fantastic recruiter. We worked together to hire a lot of people at Scott made sure that candidates had a great experience. He also made sure that we hired the best and brightest. Rarely have I had the pleasure to work with somebody like Scott who is both thorough and detail oriented while also being compassionate and caring.”

    John Hegstrom VP, Services at Cloud Sherpas (former VP, Global Integration Services,

  • “I worked with Scott over an 18-month period as we designed, built and delivered a custom software solution for the Recruiting organization. Scott was the consummate professional throughout the process. He came to us with a clear understanding of his needs, worked closely with us as requirements changed, and was always upbeat and easy to work with. Even when things weren’t going well – yes, our software had bugs and we weren’t always on-time with our deliveries – Scott remained a joy to work with. I wish all of my clients were as great as Scott, and I look forward to working with him again!”

    Ken Neff CEO at Better Mousetrap Consulting Inc. (former GM, Products & Services, DreamFactory Software)

  • “Scott is not only a friend but one of the best all around recruiters I have met. Scott has been instrumental both in the trenches orchestrating hires to build a world class sales team as well as in Recruiting Operations helping SFDC build out our recruiting application. His ability to build relationships at the highest levels and attract top talent as well as his technical acumen set him apart from the rest. I would highly recommend Scott to any company and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

    Steve Richards Vice President at StellarHire Partners (former Senior Recruiter,